Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Broken Skulls

I headed South from Hammerfall where I had seen some of the trolls whose heads I needed to place on Nizels staff. As it happened someone else had asked me to clear these out anyway so I thought I could kill 2 birds with one lightening bold. How wrong can you be these strange trolls skulls wouldn’t stay on my staff, no matter what I tried, through the eye socket through the nose, piercing the skull – all failed. I eventually came to the conclusion that there is some sort of flaw in these trolls something that has made there skulls brittle. Maybe this is why they have left the true path defined by Sen’Jin.
In the same area were some Ogres, big buggers they were and I needed all my skills to bring them down and 2 were just too much so I had to bring them down one at a time. Someone had also asked me to clear these out of the area which I duly did, the warriors unusually more tricky than the spellcasters (those 2 headed ones I mentioned yesterday). Going to rest up for a little while before my next foray, I really need to get into Stormgarde there are many quests I need to complete in there.

I don’t eat Night Elves I am not vegetarian!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005



In Arathi Heights there are many of the same incursions I have seen elsewhere in the world, it truly saddens my heart that there are few havens from the alliance scums influence. I have been hunting Raptors again, these no larger than those in Stranglethorne Vale but their heart was required and this proved difficult to extract whole even for a skilled skinner like myself. I have a task or two to do in Stormhaven, unfortunately there is a lot of Alliance activity in the same place so I will have to leave this for another day or when I can get more of my brethren together. A phenomena I had seldom come across before were Ogres, these large brutes make a real mess of armour and I have had to have it repaired many times. But you know what they say the bigger they are the harder they fall and these proved not much challenge. There was an unusual variant of Ogre that I have not seen, it had 2 heads which seemed to be continuously arguing which made it easy to distract, it just goes to prove that sometimes 2 heads aren’t better than 1.

A tale of much sorrow.

The wellspring trolls once a respected tribe have turned against the light. I have been ordered by the elders to teach these wayward trolls the error of their ways, tonight this will be my task. It needs to be a hard lesson as they have transgressed sorely. It has been decided that I will take 20 of their skills and using Nizels spear place them in the centre of their village. Having no heads should teach them a lesson!

Blessings of Sen'Jin

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Tigers, Panthers, Raptors

Its been a while since my last report, I have spent much time in Stranglethorn Vale. The place crawls with Alliance scum, they are like fleas on a procupine. So I head to Nessingway as I have heard that there are many jobs to do there. On my way I spy a panther what grace they have, prowling through the jungle, their black silky fur shining link gold in the humid afternoon sun. A couple of lightning bolts and a fire shock then finished off with the trusty hammer to the head and the panthers a smoking pulverized ruin, not much left to skin either bah. Well there is planty of tiger and panther hunting to do along with some raptors in Nessingway and I spend the next couple of days lightning bolting, frost/fire/earth blasting these various dinezens till they are as scarce as Night Elf scum in Orgrimmer. These prove easy money the only problem being tripping over dead Gnomes who litter the place. So of to Orgrimmer to gain my latest set of blessings from Sen'Jin. Having arrived there by Zeppelin I decided to visit the Auction House to see what was happening and I managed to get a new Shield bigger and lighter than the old one which I'm looking forward to squashing Dwarves with.

Aaaaaaaarrgghh For the Horde!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Ah the sweet smell of the jungle.

The wiseones deemed that I was worthy to be taught more in the ways of the spirit so I took flight to Thunderbuff to absorb their knowledge. I have some deliveries to make in Ratchet and Stranglethorn so I decided to head to Booty Bay, I hot sweaty sesspit of a place run by goblins who don't seem to mind such surroundings. After making my deliveries I headed off to Grol'Dum camp as I had heard that there are troubles there that I may be able to help out with. Sure enough there were some raptors to kill and a tribe of BloodScalp scum trolls, nearlly as bad as the Alliance. The raptors though no larger than those in The Barrens were far quicker and proved not to be the easy kills I was hoping for. Also there were many Alliance scum in the area, I saw one in the distance, a druid who I decided to leave alone whilst I dealt with the raptor threat. Next thing I know he has snuck up on my and tries to stab me in the back, fortunately I am wise to these sneaky tricks of the Alliance scum and manage to hol my own in the ensuing fight, then some other Horde brethren turned up and finished him off. Some little while later the same druid turned up with some more Alliance Scum and I retreat to the village as I am far outnumbered, not without taking a bit of a beating.
I try somewhere a little quieter to finish off the Raptors after that and come across a Dwarf scum in the same area who I dispatch with ease before completing my task. On to the bloodscalp who are still the cowardly scum that my mother used to tell me stories of when I was younger. Unfortunately this area seems to be a haven for Alliance Rogues several of whom attacked me from behind whilst I was already fighting, never ones for an honest fight these Alliance Rogue scum. Let it be known rogues will die on sight now - no more Mr Nice Troll!

My Sen'Jins spirit spit on all Alliance Rogue scum...splatt

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Desolote in Desolace

Another dreary day of bright sunshine dawns over Shadowprey Village, what a cursed place this is! There were a few jobs round the coast to do and a few up with the kolkar so I decided to do the kolkar quests first. Having enquired exactly what is required I must admit that it doesn't sit too well with me, they want me to befriend one of the misbegotten kolkar tribes. I would think it'were a task more suited to those sneaky Rogue types than myself but the elders say this is a task I should do - so be it. I decide to ally (the word makes my blood boil) with the Margram so to improve my standing I by killing the Gelkis. this proceeds reasonably well except when some passing ally (the Gelkis are next to a road) decides to attack me when I am understrength after battling a Kolkar or 3. When returning from one such encounter to destroy the sneaky alliance, may there manhoods shrivel, scum he runs away, what cowards these alliance are, not interested in a fair fight.

Eventually I consider I have killed enough Gelt to appease the Margrams elder and I go to see him. He has the afront to require further proof of my loyalty, I nearlly struck him down then and there, but mastered my initial instincts with the knowledge I would be able to bring down the whole of the tribe. He wants me to collect some crystals from the Gelkis which I do in short order discovering in the process how much more powerful I am using totems, I was having trouble defeating there warlocks until then. I return with the crystals in short order then and the scurvy scum needs another task doing - he wanst some human (scum) practice dummy, where I will get one of those I know not!

Till the next time, For the Horde!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Time to move on

Walked to the Shimmering Flats, a terribly barren place, I find it an uncomfortable place being able to see so far after the jungles of home. Still it is good to get used to as I will be heading to Desolace soon. Completed some small jobs I had started for the strange goblin creatures. Strangely Alliance scum free, none of the sneaking up from behind I had last time I was there.
On completion I decided to go to Thunderbuff to see if I have gained enough wisdom to learn so more of the Elders wisdom. On passing through Freewind Post I mentioned I was heading for Desolace and somewhere there has paid me to deliver a letter to a relative, excellent easy money! The elders deemed me worthy of further training and I have learned a new skill, chain lightning, this is a more powerful version of the lightning spell which can strike upto 3 at once, I am looking forward to seeing the Alliance scum dance in that one!
I enquired about some skinning training and although I had the knowledge the trainer there wanted an extortionate 5gp to teach me. I explained to him how it would benefit the Horde as a whole but he starts going on about feeding his 12 children and ageing grandmother, I decided not to bother, I wasn’t going to talk him down to a level I could afford.
I settled down to make some leather goods to sell, I had placed a large amount in the bank and it was time to make use of it, Hillmans Shoulders, Heavy Leather Patches for armour, quite profitable in the end (but not enough for the skinner!)
Time to set off for Desolace, unfortunately I couldn’t fly so I decided to go in shadow wolf form, much quicker and as I have to travel through Feralas, a very dangerous place, it was wise to go as quickly as possible. Feralas and Desolace are full of all sorts of strange beasts, lightning breathing monsters like in the barrens though twice as big, 2 headed giant humanoids. I barely escaped with my life on many occasions. I eventually reached Shadowprey village having passed through several wondrous areas, the twin colossal, the western sea which I saw for the first time. I spent a night looking out over this new wondrous sight listening to the surf crashing on the rocks. There were some giant waterfalls, much like home, I am looking forward to doing some more exploring here once I have a wolf in hells chance of surviving.
It was finally time to change back to troll form, I nearly lost myself to the wolf having stayed in that form for many days. I must resist the call for a few days I think I have heard of some Shamans reverting to the wild and there is too much to protect from the Aliiance plague to succumb to that pleasure

May you honour the memory of Sen’Jin

Monday, August 01, 2005


Night on the Town

Well I managed to auction off the Axe I found but no one was interested in the sword so I sold it to a tradesman at a greatly reduced cost. At least the money will go to pay for some more tuition. That money I didn’t spend on carousing that is, with some other DarkSpear brethren taking a well earned rest at the Inn. So it was with a heavy heart and an even heavier head (I almost decided to walk back and halfway there on the wind beast wished I had, I hope those below were Alliance scum) that I returned to the thousand Needles to complete my remaining tasks there. With the help of another Shaman I managed to defeat the large cat for the goblin at whiterock. I also managed to gather all the Agave for the incendiary to light the sacred flame. This summoned AriKari (I’m sure that sounds familiar) whom I managed to defeat though it was a close run thing. It was near there that I blundered across Arnak Grimtotem, he had some mages with him too, unfortunately (for him) he would not come quietly to face his Elders and I had to slay him and take one of his hooves as proof of my deed. Well next time I will go back to the racetrack, that will be my last quests before moving on, I think I may look at Desolace next.

For the Horde!

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